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Note from the Chair

Without music, life would be a mistake

I am pleased to welcome you to the Department of Music at Notre Dame University – Louaize, and guide you through our programs of study. We offer three interdisciplinary fields of undergraduate studies – Musicology, Musimedialogy and Jazz Music- with a solid foundation in theory and performance, in addition to graduate programs in Musicology and Minor in Jazz music.

The department has successfully maintained its academic standard of providing quality education to its students, due to the diligence of its faculty members and competent staff. We are a community of musicians and scholars devoted to supporting students that enroll in the undergraduate and graduate programs from Lebanon and abroad. We offer diverse educational backgrounds and research expertise, both theoretically and practically, and we are continually exploring and discovering ways to engage our students in professional activity.

Through collaborative learning and performance opportunities, the Department is always pleased to host concerts and events each year, ranging from musical activities, to master-classes and workshops with guest musicians and renowned lecturers in all musical genres. We are currently the only university in Lebanon that offers Bachelor degrees as well as minor in Jazz music; this rich form of music was able to touch a great number of music lovers and to attract students from other faculties and universities to appreciate the cultural richness and uniqueness of this field.

Our successful graduates in all concentrations are professional musicians, music educators, entrepreneurs, and scholars practicing within Lebanon, Europe and the United States.

If you have a strong academic interest in music or as a performer, I invite you to harness your passion, explore your possibilities and apply to one of our music programs:

  • B.A. in Music and Musicology - Musicology
  • B.A. in Music and Musicology - Musimedialogy
  • B.A. in Music and Musicology - Jazz Music
  • Master of Arts in Music and Musicology
  • Minor in Jazz


Dolcy Lawoun, Chairperson


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