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Office of Student Affairs

Dr. Charbel Zgheib, Dean of Students
Mr. Melhem Rechdan, Assistant Dean of Students
Ms. Pamela Asfour, Administrative Assistant

Department of Financial Aid

Ms. Eliane Harfouche Khoury, Senior Officer

Ms. Jessica Saba, Officer
Ms. Rania Zablith, Social Worker

Mrs. Eliane Akiki, Social Worker


Department of Social Security

Ms. Sana El Khoury, Senior Officer


Department of Counseling and Health

Dr. Marie Khoury, Counselor
Dr. Antoine Aoun, University Physician
Ms. Mary Kosseify, Medical Laboratory Technician


Department of Student Life

Ms. Reine Gunstone, Senior Officer


Student Housing

Fr. Charbel Haddad, University Chaplain
Mr. Paul Khoury, Head
Ms. Carla El Rajji Spir, Officer
Mr. Zahi Jadallah, Junior Officer
Mr. Assaf Assaf, Junior Officer
Ms. Bachoura Bechara, Junior Officer
Ms. Joumana Yammine, Junior Officer
Mr. George Khachoyan, Junior Officer
Mr. Karam Khalil, Junior Officer
Mr. Antoine Nakhle, Junior Officer
Mr. Raymond Rajha, Junior Officer
Ms. Nisrine Souaid, Junior Officer


Department of Athletics

Mr. Roger Bardawil, Senior Officer
Ms. Yelena Belkova, Gym Instructor
Mr. Elias El Hachem, Gym Instructor
Mr. Joseph Matta, Clerk


Department of Career and Placement

Ms. Nancy El Ghoul, Head, Career and Placement

Ms. Rayane Abou Jaoude, Junior Officer

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