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Hybrid Commencement Ceremony 2020

Given the current circumstances and in recognition of our students’ achievements, we will be taking exceptional measures to hold a special graduation ceremony which takes into account the restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

We have therefore decided to adopt a different “hybrid” model for this year’s commencement ceremony.
As this year is different on all levels, all graduating students are invited to take part in this ceremony with no pertaining fee.
Students are kindly asked to confirm their participation by visiting the SIS and clicking on the Graduation menu Item by Monday, July 20th at 2:00 p.m. All confirmations received beyond this date will not be accepted.
This year’s ceremony will be fully based on videography, whereby different parts of the commencement exercises will be filmed, edited, and later posted online for everyone to watch.
To ensure the students’ safety and that the appropriate amount of spacing is maintained, students will be grouped by faculty and asked to visit NDU once for a few hours between July 23-24 and August 3-7 to do the following with all the necessary safety precautions in place:

  • Take their cap and gown portrait picture in the dorm cafeteria area
  • Video record them as they pick up their diploma (outdoor area)
  • Share their experience in a few words on camera (outdoor area)

Students will pick up their cap and gown on the same day and will return them once the filming has ended.
Once we collect all the confirmations, we will send all students who responded another email that includes the guidelines and more details about date and time of filming based on faculty divisions. We would also encourage our students to settle any of their outstanding tuition as soon as possible.
Once graduated, students officially transition into the status of NDU Alumni and join a network of more than 20,000 fellow NDUers.
Graduating students are asked to kindly take the time to fill the Young Alumni tab on SIS, as part of their graduation process.

The board of the NDU Alumni Association is opening membership to graduates of AY 2019-2020; graduating students should click here to show their interest in joining NDU Alumni Association and take part of their alumni network.


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