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Undergraduate Student Assessment

Examinations and Quizzes

All courses normally have written final examinations. Such examinations are not required in seminars, field work, internship programs, studio courses and senior projects, but the instructor concerned may choose to give one. As to quizzes and progress tests, instructors shall give a minimum of two per course. If, for a legitimate reason acceptable to the instructor of the course, a student misses a quiz, he/she should arrange for a make-up with the instructor of the course within a maximum period of two weeks from the date assigned for that quiz. Final examinations shall count for a maximum of 40% of the final grade. Those exams should be comprehensive by nature. The remaining 60% account for quizzes, progress projects, tests, term papers and other requirements as specified by the respective department. A minimum of 40% of the course evaluation should be known by students prior to the official withdrawal deadline. Different sections of the same course must be given a common departmental final examination.

Final Examination Make-Up

If a student misses a final examination for a legitimate reason, he/she should make arrangements for a make-up examination with the instructor of the course and the chairperson of the department. If permission is granted, the student shall pay the University a make-up final examination fee of 200,000 L.L. Consequently, the final examination make-up shall be taken no later than the 8th week of the next academic semester if a grade of incomplete “I” is submitted to the registrar. In the case where a change of grade is not received by the Registrar’s Office within the set period, a grade of “F” shall be given for that course.

Graded Final Examination Paper

The graded final examination papers of a course offered during a given semester or the summer session must be submitted to the Department Chairperson concerned within 72 hours from the scheduled date of the final examination of that course. These papers must be kept at the department concerned for at least one semester along with a copy of the course syllabus, final examination and its solution.

Final Grades

A course’s final grades should be submitted to the Office of the Registrar 72 hours after the scheduled date of the examination for that course. The grades should first be approved by the Department Chairperson and Faculty Dean.

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