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Official Statement

NDU will never cease supporting its students who fight for a better future and country. Every decision NDU makes is aimed at strengthening the students’ constitutional rights of being active members in the society. We want our students to achieve all their aspirations without having to sacrifice a whole academic year. With this in mind, the time has come to think about the fate of the fall semester, the integrity of the academic year, and the welfare of the fall 2019 graduates. Therefore, NDU decided to open its doors tomorrow, Tuesday, November 5, 2019 and resume all classes. The following steps will be taken:

  • The academic calendar will be revised to compensate for missed days. The revised calendar will be communicated to all as soon as possible and will have provisions for additional makeup days for students who are not able to make it to the university;
  • No exams will be held for the coming two weeks;
  • Faculty members are requested to accommodate students’ requests and needs to the best of their abilities while keeping the integrity of the academic process;
  • Faculty members using Blackboard are requested to post their lectures and make it accessible to students online. Faculty members who are not using Blackboard are urged to contact the staff at the Office of IT who stand ready to help them get started and post their lectures online at the very least.


Our dear students, rest assured that NDU will spare no effort to help you through these difficult times. Your safety is of utmost importance to us, and we ask you to exercise caution when commuting.

Welcome back!


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