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Department of Career and Placement

Placement Services

The Placement Office provides employment opportunities by acting as a liaison between local and international firms, and NDU students and alumni. The Office makes every effort to ensure that eligible students and alumni are provided with career opportunities that best suit their needs and skills. Select opportunities are listed on the NDU website enabling students and graduates to apply to those vacancies that match their aspirations.

The Placement Office also organizes events on campus to prepare students for employment. The Office mentors candidates with regards to Resume drafting and prepares them for interviews. This Office also oversees the annual Career Fair that brings together candidates with career providers from Lebanon and the region.

For more information, kindly contact the Placement Office on 09-208000 (ext: 3212, 2463) or e-mail placement@ndu.edu.lb.


Internship Services

The Internship Office supports students in shaping their future career by providing them with various internship opportunities in addition to orientation, interview preparation sessions, CV review and one-on-one coaching sessions.

This close shadowing underlies the University belief that its students should enhance their interpersonal skills in alignment with their technical skills, so they will be ready to kick off their career in a competitive work environment.

For more information, kindly contact the Internship Office on 09-208000 (ext: 2478) or e-mail internship@ndu.edu.lb or ksfeir@ndu.edu.lb.


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