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Dr. Elie Badr, Vice President for Academic Affairs
Ms. Dima Kaddoura Gebran, Administrative Assistant to the Vice President


Office of Institutional Research and Assessment

Ms. Thereza Hajjar Muça, Director
Ms. Tina Daaboul, Officer

Office of International Relations

Ms. Rania Najem, Senior Officer


Office of Grants

Ms. Rania Najem, Senior Officer


Office of Research and Graduate Studies

Dr. Ghazi Asmar, Assistant Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies
Ms. Theresa Bassil Bou Zgheib, Officer


Office of the Registrar

Ms. Mirna Nehme, Registrar
Ms. Roula Hakim Mhanna, Associate Registrar
Ms. Nisrine Merhej, Assistant Registrar
Ms. Dunia Baradhi, Senior Officer, Academic Records
Ms. Orietta El Kassis, Officer, Academic Services
Ms. Colette Errou, Senior Officer, Student Services
Ms. Claudine Fahed, Senior Officer, Student Services

Mr. Georges Andary, Officer

Office of Admissions

Ms. Perla Asfour, Administrative Assistant to the Director
Ms. Nayla Basbous, Assistant Director for Recruitment and Business Development
Ms. Mirna Waked Sfeir, Assistant Director for Planning and Administration 

Mr. Carla Barakat, Officer, Recruitment and Business Development
Mr. Mario Kozaily, Officer, Planning and Administration
Ms. Aline Jabbour, Officer, Planning and Administration

Office of Student Affairs

Dr. Charbel Zgheib, Dean of Students
Mr. Melhem Rechdan, Assistant Dean of Students
Ms. Pamela Asfour, Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Students
Ms. Reine K. Gunstone, Senior Officer, Students Life


Department of Academic Advising

Ms. Nadine Fares, Senior Officer

Department of Financial Aid

Ms. Eliane Harfouche Khoury, Assistant Director
Ms. Rania Zablith, Social Worker
Ms. Jessica Saba,Officer

Ms. Eliane Akiki, Social Worker
Ms. Caline Meguerditchian, Social Worker

Department of Athletics

Mr. Roger Bardawil, Senior Officer
Ms. Yelena Belkova, Gym Instructor
Mr. Elias El Hachem, Gym Instructor
Mr. Joseph Matta, Clerk


Department of Counseling and Health

Dr. Marie Khoury, Counselor
Dr. Antoine Aoun, Students Physician
Ms. Mary Kosseify, Medical Laboratory Technician

Department of Career and Placement

Ms. Nancy El Ghoul, Head, Career and Placement

Ms. Rayane Abou Jaoude, Junior Officer


Department of Social Security

Ms. Sana El Khoury, Senior Officer

Student Housing

Mr. Paul Khoury, Assistant Director
Ms. Carla El Rajji Spir, Officer
Mr. Zahi Jadallah, Junior Officer
Mr. Assaf Assaf, Junior Officer
Ms. Bachoura Bechara, Junior Officer
Ms. Joumana Yammine, Junior Officer
Mr. George Khachoyan, Junior Officer
Mr. Karam Khalil, Junior Officer
Mr. Antoine Nakhle, Junior Officer
Mr. Raymond Rajha, Junior Officer


NDU Libraries

Ms. Leslie Alter Hage, University Librarian
Ms. Itab Chebli, Administrative Assistant to the University Librarian

Department of Access Services

Mr. Maroun El Rayess, Librarian – Head

Ms. Carole Chedid, Assistant Librarian
Ms. Mireille Kassis Jarjour, Assistant Librarian
Ms. Julienne Abboud, Library Assistant
Mr. Georges Mghayar, Library Assistant
Mr. Raymond Ghoussoub, Clerk
Mr. Assaad Jabbour, Clerk

Department of Academic Engagement

Ms. Domingua Abboud, Senior Specialist - Head
Ms. Dalal Khalil Salameh,
Assistant Specialist

Department of Cataloging

Ms. Charla Chebl, Senior Librarian - Head
Ms. Christiane Jaber, Assistant Librarian
Ms. Christine Noujeim Bou Yammine, Assistant Librarian
Ms. Maya Tannous, Assistant Librarian

Department of Collection Management and Scholarly Communication

Mr. Joseph Mhanna,Librarian - Head

Mr. Sami Salameh, Senior Specialist
Ms. Petra Najem, Assistant Librarian
Ms. Dany Nasr, Assistant Librarian

Department of Library Information Systems

Mr. Amine Moussa, Senior Specialist - Head

Mr. Georgio Semaan, Specialist

Department of Research and Instruction

Ms. Pina Ghoussoub Bou Raad, Specialist Head
Ms. Eliane Abi Chedid,
Assistant Specialist

Department of Special Collections

Ms. Antoinette Kattoura, Librarian - Head

Ms. Talin Agob, Assistant Specialist
Ms. Grace Baroud, Assistant Specialist
Ms. Zeina Fahed, Assistant Specialist
Ms. Rita Mehanna, Assistant Librarian

School of Continuing Education

Ms. Cecilia Doumit, Senior Officer
Mr. Wakim Wakim,

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