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01 January 2013

The Virgin Mary in Lebanon Volume X

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The District of Zahle consists of a total of 43 villages and towns, which presently takes into account 121 sites of worship distributed among 29 predominantly Christian or religiously mixed towns.

Zahle is commonly referred to as the “City of Churches” and the “City of the Virgin Mary” in particular given that it alone includes 50 consecrated sites of which 10 churches are consecrated to the Virgin Mary.  The Church of Our Lady of Zalzaleh, built in 1711 A.D., is the oldest in Zahle, and Christians of the three denominations (Greek Orthodox, Melkites, and Maronites) prayed together under its roof.

The Virgin Mary occupies a special place in the hearts of the inhabitants of the District of Zahle. She is the Lady of the Vine and is often depicted, carrying a bunch of grapes in her hand as portrayed in a large painting adorning the See of the Maronite Diocese of Zahle in Ksara, and on icons of the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George in Haoush el-Omara, etc.

Each volume of this compendium provides readers with summarized information on modern-day Lebanon.


Jean M. Sadaka

ISBN 9953-418-10-1
Language English - Arabic
Nº of pages 380
Edition 2013

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