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01 January 2013

Ameen Albert Rihani in Literary Criticism

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This book discovers, through a diversity of authors who wrote about Ameen Albert Rihani, the characteristics of his works and the intellectual and literary contributions and supplementary impact of his writings. Among other common grounds, they have agreed that modernism became very clear with Rihani Junior once he had built a strong relationship with the features of  other “literary identities”. As a result, Rihani was able to build real bridges between the appearances and disappearances, between the self and existence, ending with the presence in the middle of absence. Thus the “role of his first body was to carve another body for himself which proves to be the most endure, the most pure, and the most persistent and solid”…

The contributors of this book are well experienced in “diving in depth… and holding lights…”,  in order to portray the literary and philosophic paths for which Rihani Junior paved the way, specifically through Touqous-ul Maa’ (Water Rituals), Saheel-ul Aghani-l Ḧa’ira   (The  Neigh of Wondering Songs) and Qitar wa la Maḧatta  (A Train and No Station). His Alef of Time is the metaphor or the magic cane on which he leans, in his celestial literary and philosophic journey.

ISBN 978-9953-558-44-8
Language Arabic - English
Nº of pages 596
Edition 2013

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