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NDU recognizes the values and benefit that NDU Alumni can offer. The purpose of the Alumni programs is to offer an attractive instance for Alumni to keep in touch with their alma mater. They enable Alumni to maintain their relationship efficiently with the University if they choose to so.

The NDU Alumni Affairs Office is steadily working on developing and implementing programs to serve as a network forum between Alumni and the University.

NDU is eager to hear from its graduates who may wish to register their availability to be considered for various projects and roles.




"Be A Mentor" Program
Behind the story of many successful people is the story of a caring committed person who has whispered in their ear “I believe in you.”

The Alumni Affairs Office is currently preparing the “Be A Mentor” program which links NDU students on a one-to-one basis with NDU Alumni. We are looking for Alumni volunteers with established careers to provide current students with support, knowledge, and career guidance and to help bridge the gap between student life and work life.

This is not our own idea. Similar programs at other universities worldwide have had tremendous success. Many students speak of how much they benefited from the program and how much the initiative has boosted their self-confidence, and developed interpersonal communication.

I know that many of our Alumni are willing to be part of the “Be A Mentor” program. However, they have questions that need to be answered: What do I actually do? What kind of relationship should we have? Do I need any special training or skills? The answer to these questions may be summarized as follows: Being a mentor does not need superhuman effort or highly developed skills. All it takes is some time to devote to an NDU student and willingness to listen (by phone) and guide (through e-mail).

At the end of every academic year, a “Mentoring Night” will be organized to vividly illustrate how the program has helped NDU students and to recognize mentors with awards of excellence.

If you as an alumnus or alumna would like to register in this program please e-mail us at – subject: “Be A mentor”. We will provide you with all the details and answer your queries. This program will be posted at the beginning of the fall semester on the NDU website.

The “Be A Mentor” program is looking for financial support. Any individual or organization is welcomed to sponsor the financial stability of the program through endowments.




Alumni Admissions Ambassador Program
Choosing the right university is one of the most difficult decisions anyone can make.
At NDU, alumni can take action to help with this important decision.

A collaboration between the Office of Admissions & OTME and the Alumni Affairs Office, this newly organized program aims to engage well-trained, knowledgeable and keen alumni as active participants in the university’s recruitment effort.

As Notre Dame University continues to grow, alumni-admissions ambassadors will extend the reach of traditional admissions programs in their communities. Alumni Admission representatives provide a strong and important link between NDU and prospective students and their families, by sharing personal, positive NDU experiences and stories of subsequent successes, ambassadors encourage increased enrollment from national, regional and international high school students. The Office of Admissions provides training materials for new ambassadors through a variety of resources.

About the Program

NDU Alumni Affairs Office is recruiting alumni to attend university fairs in different areas, providing the first of many opportunities for involvement that will be offered to our volunteers as our program will continue to grow.

The program has two goals: One, to extend the geographical reach of the Office of Admissions and second, to give alumni an opportunity to serve their university as they can.

NDU Alumni Admission Ambassadors would help Admissions officers to advise students on becoming potential NDU students. Admissions Ambassadors will possibly attend admission events; be able to communicate with admitted students and speak on the academic and non-academic qualities of NDU; participate as speakers on behalf of the campus, and attend open houses both on and off-campus.

Become an Alumni Ambassador

Through their volunteer efforts, Alumni Ambassadors take their NDU experience to the communities in which they now live and work. Ambassadors assist the Admissions Office with the following: National Admissions fairs, Open Doors, In –House Orientation program, High School Visits, Regional Admissions Forum, and NDU Educator. Alumni Ambassadors receive a training kit (NDU Fact Sheets, Directories, FAQs, etc.) by mail with practically everything necessary to help them feel comfortable in their conversations with students.

National Admissions fairs - By volunteering to attend an admission fair, the ambassador helps NDU’s recruitment efforts immensely. Admissions fairs attract many students not only from Beirut where the fair takes place, but from all over Lebanon. By attending these fairs, you are helping to spread NDU’s name across the country.

Open Doors - Organized by the Admissions Office, in collaboration with the SAO, a major annual event is the NDU Open Doors event specifically created to allow prospective students to experience the full vibrancy of NDU’s student life.

High School Visits - NDU visits schools all over Lebanon and the region on a yearly basis to inform their students of the opportunities available to them at our university. As admission officers move throughout the country, they seek meetings with high school principals or counselors. By joining the High School Visit Team, the ambassador will take on this same responsibility. The ambassador may have a connection (a friend employed at a school, a child attending a school, etc.) with a school in his/her area, or even if he doesn’t, he/she may schedule an appointment to visit that school’s guidance office and drop off some material about NDU.

NDU Educator - As an employee in a school, the Alumni ambassador have the unique opportunity to integrate NDU into his/her students’ everyday lives. By doing this, he/she can help NDU gain access to more groups of bright students in more places around the country. Not to mention, the Alumni Ambassador get to share memories about your time at NDU!




Alumni Hiring Alumni
One way Alumni can give back to NDU is by encouraging their employers to hire other NDU graduates for part-time or full-time positions or offering a student an internship. The talent pool of NDU graduates is remarkable.

The Placement Office at the Public Relations Office welcomes participation from all companies and organizations and from all employment sectors. The Office provides assistance to connect them with prospective graduates and graduates.

“Our best employees come from NDU,” says Mr. Amir Ross, Human Resources Manager, CBA Contracting Int’l. “They have great leadership skills, they definitely show initiative and perseverance and they all seem to progress to becoming managers.”

If you know that your company has an employment opportunity available for new or old graduates, the Placement Office, headed by Mrs. Layal Nehme Matar, offers many avenues for companies to gain visibility among and network with NDU students and NDU graduates.
In addition, the Placement Office organizes the Job Fair: a campus-wide event, at NDU for all majors, graduates and students, who are looking for internships, and full-time career positions in all industries.

Hady Hajjar who graduated from NDU in 2001 with a BA degree in International Business Management, is currently the Marketing Manager at Rotana Int’l. When he was asked by the CEO of the company to create his team, Hady did not hesitate to call upon NDU to send him CV’s of potential candidates. His team is made up of four NDU graduates.

For more information about hiring NDU Alumni, kindly contact:
Mrs. Layal Nehme Matar,
Placement Officer, Public Relations Office
Tel: 00961 9 218950-2 ext: 2312

Alumni Affairs Office