05 May 2017


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Regional Conference on Education

Educational Reform: Research and Practice

Department of Psychology, Education and Physical Education

Notre Dame University-Louaize, Zouk Mosbeh

May 5, 2017


Educational systems are pivotal to the cultivation, empowerment and liberation of the future generations in any nation. Based on contemporary educational theory, if a nation has a powerful system, it enhances its citizens' abilities to develop the country. Many factors like historical instability, the high demand for and low supply of funding, lack of appropriate policy makers to drive the required educational reform, and contradictory political powers have slowed down and in some areas halted efforts for necessary change in the Middle East. In order to keep up with international developments, Middle Eastern governments are responsible for investing their efforts to reform those educational systems. How nations select what to teach and how it should be taught determines the strength of any given educational system. Educational reform, therefore, should be at the forefront of endeavors to make those changes.  Educators around the region have hope that reform will bring about the necessary changes for countries to improve the systems allowing the citizens to grow.


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