20 April 2017


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For the past several years, NDU has been implementing the “Pre-registration System” for enrolled students. NDU has decided to move forward into adopting the Early Registration System, which will begin in Spring 2017. All current students will be required to register during the “Advising and Early registration” Period, otherwise their registration will be automatically moved to the late registration period with penalty fee. The early registration will be considered as their actual registration.

In accordance with NDU’s understanding of the current economic situation, the Administration decided that the current student registers during the Advising and Early period without paying any fee, however, the student will be held responsible for the number of credits registered. The first installment will be paid at the beginning of the semester, after which, the student will confirm his or her registration.

Training will be conducted for the concerned offices and for students and advisors, to explain the system that was created by the Office of IT and to define the steps needed to be taken for a successful registration.

For further information, you are kindly requested to refer to the page below:

Early Registration System



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