Georges Hachem graduated from Louis Lumière National School, in Paris, and previously studied theater at the Lebanese University. His portfolio features several short films created in the framework of acting workshops that he regularly coached since 1992, in Paris and Beirut. He is also keen on promoting the works of Lebanese play writers, thus directing in 2004 Locusta by Gabriel Boustany starred by Antoine Kerbaj and in 2007 L'Une et l'Autre en Octobre by Therese Aouad Basbous starred by the French-Suisse actress Dominique Favre Bulle. He returned definitively to Beirut in 2006 where he founded, and then took in charge for 8 years, the audiovisual department at the Antonine University. In 2010, he has written and directed his first feature film, Stray Bullet, starred by Nadine Labaki. Selected and awarded in many international festivals, Stray Bullet was named Best Arab Film at Dubai International Film Festival, awarded in Namur for its image (Muriel Aboulrouss), in Rome for its direction, in Cairo for its screenplay, and in Angouleme for the interpretation of its main actress (Nadine Labaki). Today, Georges Hachem finalized his new feature film starred by Wajdi Mouawad.