Abdelilah El Jaouhary born in 1964 is a film director from Morocco. He holds a diploma in Advanced Art studies and is currently a professor of film and cinematic analysis. El Jaouhary is an influential critic of articles and publications such as: Film Industry in Developing Countries between Marginalization and Self-assertion and Ouarzazate a Cinema Space. His directed films include: Click and De-click (short fiction), The Dancer (long documentary), Water and Blood (Short Fiction), Rajaa Bent El Mallah (long documentary), Hala Madrid Visca Barsa (long fiction) and many others. El Jaouhary holds a number of international awards, best Film Award for Click and De-click at the Nabeul Arab Film Festival; Silver Award for The Dancer at the Eastern Film Festival in Geneva, Switzerland; Golden Award for Best Short Feature Film Water and Blood at the Pan-African Film Festival in Ouagadougou in 2015. El Jaouhary has also won the Jury Prize from the Tangier National Film Festival, the Spanish Arcini Award, the Jury Prize at the Alexandria Festival and the Grand Prize for the film Rajaa Bent El Mallah at the Karame Festival in Jordan in 2016.