Note From the Director

“Life is the greatest teacher;” “we learn at any age;” “you never stop discovering;” statements that belong to tradition. Lifelong learning has always been a landmark of everyday wisdom and, like all human endeavors, was translated into the academic environment. The Division of Continuing Education thus strives to provide you with the needs to pursue those educational dreams and goals we set to ourselves.

In today’s knowledge economy as well as yesterday’s world, culture, education, skills, and know-how have gained in value. We learn for all these reasons and the DCE is there to take that life-long journey with you. Be it in language, business and computer skills, the arts, and culture, the DCE is here for you. Whether you have a university degree or not, whether you have completed a traditional secondary education or you followed a different path, whether a teacher, university professor, or simply experience brought you to where you are and you would like to further your education, lifelong learning is here to serve you. From the simplest to the most complex, be it to prepare you for an entrance exam or an international certification or acquire precious and prestigious postgraduate training, certificates, or diplomas, NDU’s Division of Continuing Education is here to respond to society’s never ending development needs.

Explore what we have to offer and don’t hesitate to propose ideas you do not find here; we will create it for you.

Dr. Roger Hajjar, Director
Division of continuing Education

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