Tuition & Fees 2012/2013

Registration  LBP 105,000
Musical Awareness (Eveil musical)  LBP 500,000
Sight Singing (Solfège) 30mn LBP 575,000
Sight Singing (individual) 30mn LBP 825,000
Sight Singing (individual) 45mn LBP 1,000,000
Piano 30mn LBP 675,000
Piano 45mn LBP 825,000
Piano 60mn LBP 975,000
Guitar 30mn LBP 675,000
Guitar 45mn LBP 825,000
Guitar 60mn LBP 975,000
Violin 30mn LBP 750,000
Violin 45mn LBP 1,000,000
Violin 60mn LBP 1,250,000
Cello 30mn LBP 750,000
Cello 45mn LBP 1,000,000
Cello 60mn LBP 1,250,000
Saxophone 30mn LBP 750,000
Saxophone 45mn LBP 1,000,000
Saxophone 60mn LBP 1,250,000
Recorder 30mn LBP 750,000
Recorder 45mn LBP 1,000,000
Recorder 60mn LBP 1,250,000
Theory 30mn LBP 500,000
Theory (individual) 30mn LBP 750,000
Harmony 30mn LBP 675,000
Harmony (individual) 30mn LBP 825,000
Harmony (individual) 60mn LBP 1,500,000
Counterpoint 30mn LBP 825,000
Counterpoint (individual) 30mn LBP 1,000,000
Counterpoint (individual) 60mn LBP 1,500,000
Analyse 30mn LBP 825,000
Analyse (individual) 30mn LBP 1,000,000
Analyse (individual) 60mn LBP 1,500,000
Singing (Vocalise) 30mn LBP 675,000
Singing (Vocalise) 45mn LBP 825,000
Singing (Vocalise) 60mn LBP 975,000
Oud and Oriental Singing 30mn LBP 750,000
Oud and Oriental Singing 60mn LBP 1,500,000


Between 8 and 17 years old
Direction Fr. Khalil Rahmé
Friday From 6h00 to 7h30


18 years old and above
Direction Fr. Khalil Rahmé
Monday From 7h30 to 9h30
Wednesday From 7h30 to 9h30


18 years old and above
Tuesday From 7h00 to 9h00
Thursday From 7h00 to 9h00

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