Practitioner in Insurance Certificate (Download Brochure in PDF Format)

The certificate in insurance will provide learners with specialized knowledge of general insurance theory and practices. It is designed for those who wish to excel in the field of insurance. The certificate is endorsed and supported by Lebanese Insurance Brokers Syndicate (LIBS) as fully satisfying general insurance related requirements. The certificate in insurance is presented by, a highly experienced team from NDU staff and specialized industry practitioners. Courses are offered over a period of 2 months, and the duration of each course is 30 hours.

All certificates will be recognized and approved by the Office of Higher Education at the Ministry of Education if the candidate has passed the Lebanese Baccalaureate II or its equivalence.

/;\ Business English

Introduction to Insurance

> The Basic Concept of Insurance
> Governmental Regulation & Sponsorship of Insurance
> Insurance Terminology
> Policy Structure
> Classification of Insurance
> Insurance Companies
> Reinsurance
> Intermediaries
> The Bank Insurance Model – BMI

Personal Insurance

> Basic Concept of Life Insurance
> Investment Plans
> Personal Accident Insurance
> Health Insurance
> Difference between Individual & Group Policies
> Travel Insurance
> Claims Procedures

General Insurance I

> Motor Insurance
> Property Insurance
> Expatriate Insurance
> Public Liability Insurance
> Workmen’s Compensation Insurance
> Claims Procedures

General Insurance II

> Money Insurance
> Marine Insurance
> Engineering Risk Insurance
> Electronic Equipment Policy
> Other Types of Insurance
> Claims Procedures

Ethics & Legal Issues for Insurance Intermediaries

> Insurance Brokers, Consultants & Agents
> Types & Roles of Intermediaries in the Market
> Ethical & Legal Aspects of Working as Intermediary
> Ethical & Legal Aspects for Bank Insurance
> Code of Conduct
> Rights & Obligations

Insurance Sales & Marketing

> Sales Techniques
> Sales Cycle > Sales Skills
> Handling Objections
> Agency Problem
> Sales Team Management
> After-Sales Service

Insurance Management

> Administration
> Basics of Accounting
> Basics of Finance
> IT Application in the Insurance Industry
> Benefits of Using IT Application in the Insurance Industry
> Procedures and Techniques for Claim Solving
> Customer Relationship Management - CRM

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