English Certificate Program (Download Brochure in PDF Format)

The English Certificate Program provides extensive and customized instructions for professionals, academic learners, and social speakers. The multi-level courses cater to students’ needs in the language acquisition process.

The courses offer adequate learning of the English language through the integration of all four skills including vocabulary and grammar. Along with the traditional book-based learning, courses incorporate the power of multimedia through the use of the Interactive Whiteboard.

Students also use Audio and DVD laboratories, as well as a Reading Room with the latest journals and magazines. At the end of each level, students acquire the ability to communicate verbally and in written form and make efficient use of the language in all types of educational, social, and cultural settings.

Level I: Starter

> Read and pronounce correctly.
> Describe current & regular activities.
> Use basic grammar rules.
> Understand only basic, everyday phrases & respond with short, very simple answers.
> Construct simple, compound & complex sentences using conjunctions.

Level II: Elementary

> Acquire new vocabulary words to be used at work or on holidays.
> Apply basic grammar rules in written & oral forms.
> Listen for details in short narratives & conversations.
> Follow a short narrative on a familiar topic.
> Write well-organized compare\contrast & narrative paragraphs.

Level III: Pre Intermediate

> Work out important grammar rules.
> Have good basic ability to communicate using the past, present, & future tenses.
> Make arrangements and develop face to face & on the phone conversations.
> Become aware of collocations & other word combinations.
> Write well-organized descriptive, opinion, & cause\effect paragraphs.

Level IV: Intermediate

> Acquire strategies used for learning new vocabulary.
> Read and analyze longer texts.
> Learn how to outline & structure an essay.
> Write well-organized compare\contrast & cause\effect essays.

Level V: Upper Intermediate

> Understand the main ideas in complex & written spoken texts.
> Interact with reasonable fluency on a wide variety of topics.
> State and support opinions orally in written form.
> Write well-organized descriptive & argumentative essays.

Level VI: Advanced I

> Understand how main points and specific details are presented & linked.
> Increase the understanding of a range of related roots and word roots.
> Identify the different ways in which meaning is built up in texts.
> Brainstorm, organize, plan & write efficiently.
> Write well-organized discursive essays as well as articles & reports.

Level VII: Advanced II

> Handle full spectrum of grammar & a wide variety of idiomatic expressions.
> Express oneself fluently & spontaneously.
> Use skimming, scanning & detailed reading in different ways.
> Write articles, reports & “for & against” essays.

Level VIII: Advanced III

> Use language flexibly & effectively for social, academic, and professional purposes.
> Analyze & summarize literary texts & articles.
> Understand almost everything heard or read.
> Plan & give an informative speech.
> Acquire the techniques of writing a well-organized term paper.

Public Speech

> Formulate Specific purpose statements.
> Analyze & adapt to audiences.
> Recognize ideas & construct outlines.
> Use Language effectively.

Spoken English

> Develop spoken fluency.
> Improve all aspects of pronunciation.
> Extend knowledge of current vocabulary & idioms.
> Take part in discussions & conversations on a variety of contemporary topics.
> Give structured oral presentations on assigned topics.

Business English

> Excel in oral & written communication in the business world.
> Become familiar with all types of business communications such as agendas, leaflets, memos, minutes, notices, formal & cover letters, progress reports & job interviews.

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