Travel & Accommodation

Travel & Accommodation

Public transportation is almost non-existent in Lebanon. Shared taxis or ‘service’ are a common means of public transport within Beirut. However, outside Beirut it is advisable to use taxis from taxi companies and reserve by phone a taxi. Since roads are often congested in and around Beirut, please allow sufficient time to commute to and from the conference venue. The Ministry of Public Works and Transport website is currently available in Arabic language only (

Shuttle services will be provided from designated hotels to and from the conference venue. If you choose to stay in other hotels, please check with the reception at your hotel or visit the links provided below. More travel information is available on the following websites:

Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport

This site provides information on transportation within Lebanon as well as tourist information including hotels, destinations to other Lebanese cities, and a map of Lebanon.


Taxi Companies


Available Bus Transport



For visa requirements, and any travel restrictions, please consult the Lebanese embassy at your country prior to traveling, and also consult the following websites:


Invitation Letters: Visa Requirements

Invitation letters from the conference organizing committee will be issued upon a request sent by email and only for those persons who have already registered to attend the conference. To request such a letter, please email with the following information:

  • Full name
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Passport number



Conference participants should make their own hotel reservations. NDU is located in Zouk Mosbeh, which is north of municipal Beirut. Traffic flow is intense in the mornings in the direction of Beirut, which means that staying in a hotel north of NDU will take some time to reach the campus. Alternatively, staying south of NDU, but not as far as municipal Beirut, might take less time to reach the campus. Traveling from Beirut to NDU might take 45-50 minutes if traffic is congested. Therefore, we suggest that participants stay in hotels located in the following areas: Jounieh (north of NDU), Dbayeh, Jal el Dib or Zalka (south of NDU). The following websites provide hotel options located within these areas:


The CS³ will offer shuttle services from the following hotel, which is near to the NDU campus:


NDU has on-campus student housing. Reservation should be made in advance, and before the start of the Fall 2017-2018 Semester, by checking with the conference organizers before 11 June 2018: