Getting Around



Holidays and Public Closures in November 2018

November 1 is All Saints Day and some institutions might be closed
November 22 is Independence Day and is a national holiday


Important Telephone Numbers

Visit or

100: International Calls Operator
120: Telephone Directory
112: Police
175: Fire Department
125: Civil Defence
140: Red Cross
112: Internal Security
1717: General Security
01/628000 or 150: Rafic Hariri Airport



Arabic is the official language in Lebanon, and French is the second official language. These two languages along with English are widely spoken. Generally speaking, in restaurants and shops, English and French can be used. Below are some terms in Arabic:


Good evening
Tusbih a’ala kheir
Good night
Kifak (masculine), kifik (feminine), kifkun (plural)? How are you?
Mnih (masculine), mniha (feminine), mnéh (plural) I am fine
Shukran Thank you
Yalla Let's go
Tayyib Fine, or OK
Addé al si’ir? How much is it?
Addé al séa’a? What time is it?
Wahad One
Tnein Two
Tleté Three
A’ashra Ten
Miyyé Hundred
Alf Thousand

Liability and Insurance

The conference organizers are not responsible for personal, medical or travel insurance. All participants are strongly advised to have their own insurance arrangements prior to traveling to this conference.


Program Changes

The CS³ organizers cannot assume liability for any changes to the conference that are related to external, unforeseen circumstances or force majeure.


Post Offices

Libanpost offices are located within most shopping malls, see



Shops usually open between 9.00 and 10.00 in the morning, and until 19.00 for independent stores or 22.00 within shopping malls. Malls are open seven days a week.


Site Seeing




In restaurants and cafés it is usual to tip by 10% of the total amount paid, even when there is a service charge.


Wi-Fi on NDU Campus

Access to Wi-Fi will be provided to CS³ participants during the three conference days, Wednesday to Friday 31 October to 2 November 2018.