Office Of Tests, Measurements & Evaluation

Entrance Test Samples


A practice version of the NDU Entrance Test is available below to give prospective students the opportunity to experience the type of questions they’ll be asked to complete on the real test:


OTME's Mission Statement


The Office of Tests, Measurement and Evaluation upgrades tests (samples for Entrance Exams), makes decision to the usage of these tests and undertakes institutional research work for the university. The aim of the OTME is to strengthen its research unit within the scope of and work outline of the Admission’s Office and the University Strategic Development. We realize that such a unit stems from changes within the university that must respond immediately to these changes with knowledge and in depth readings of data and demographics of the university and its constituency.

Key dimension and data will be stored within the OTME to track outcome-based quality indicators in order to communicate the value-added benefits of attending NDU. Considering the dynamic process at the university from school exit exams, entrance exam to the university, enrollment, graduation, and the work place all for which define for the university benchmarks for data accruement, analysis and reporting.

The Office will build a comprehensive, multi-layer longitudinal student database that incorporates student records, student survey data, and university characteristics in a repository function decision-makers priority for university wide improvement.

The office will also develop a decision support system for the Admissions Office and administrators alike. Reports and analysis will be made for policy makers, the President, Vice President of Academic Affairs and the Deans. The reporting will be evaluative in the sense that it fits in its strategic planning agenda. Integration of information from other sources as the work place of NDU graduates can be an important facet for the unit and provide an in-depth, comprehensive analysis of the university’s success and function.

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