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Mission, Vision & Values


Consonant with the mission statement of Notre Dame University-Louaize (NDU), the Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences (FNAS) addresses itself to meeting the academic needs of students majoring in the scientific disciplines as well as the requirements of every other NDU student for scientific literacy.


The Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences will be a reputable locus of educational and intellectual excellence in the exact sciences, fostering creative learning systems, building a solid research tradition, sustaining an environment that supports the education of the whole person, and promoting a culture of joyful quest of the ultimate truth (Gaudium de Veritate) about man and nature.


The Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences shares the following values that reflect its culture and priorities and are inspired by the core values to which the whole NDU community is dedicated:
  • Academic Excellence: Whether in education or in research, we seek academic excellence as a landmark of our curricula, believing in a fruitful connection between good research and creative classroom instruction;
  • Lifelong Learning: We are committed to inculcate lifelong learning and the concept of continuous self-development;
  • Intellectual Freedom: We respect the right of all to pursue knowledge freely, scholarly, ethically, and critically;
  • Integrity: We believe in equity and honesty and aspire to incorporate these values in every aspect of our personal and academic lives;
  • Dialogue: We encourage constant dialogue between officers, faculty and students, and are under obligation to listen to the concerns and critiques of our students;
  • Accountability: We accept the responsibility of being accountable for our actions, and are dedicated to a transparent and efficient use of resources;
  • Service: We value the virtue of service as a golden path towards becoming true leaders and as the fullest expression of our humanity;
  • Diversity: We value the diversity of religious, ethnic and cultural backgrounds among our students, our faculty and our staff within the vision and framework set by the apostolic constitution “Ex Corde Ecclesiae” on Catholic universities (August 15, 1990);
  • Faith: We believe that faith in God, who manifested His love to the entire human family in Jesus Christ, shapes our profound commitment to serve the University and the community.
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