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Note from the Dean

Welcome to the Website of the Faculty of Law and Political Science (FLPS) at Notre Dame University Louaize (NDU).
I hope that you visit our Website often to learn more about our Faculty.

The FLPS presents a new vision of teaching Law and Political Science in three languages: English, Arabic, and French, and moves away from traditional approaches to meet the new challenges and demands of our society.

The FLPS offers an extraordinary environment in which to study Law and Political Science. We strive to impart our students with the skills, the confidence, and the courage necessary to find fulfillment in the fields of Law and Political Science.

At NDU, Faculty and students merge to create a unique community of intense intellectual exchange.

The FLPS Curriculum includes compulsory and elective courses in addition to practicums, mock trials, professional training, exchange programs with foreign universities for students and professors, and specialized courses discussing new topics, in addition to developing research centers and organizing local and international seminars and conferences.

Through the different programs and courses offered, we aim at:

First, establishing specialized study centers, attracting students, professors, and researchers from different and diverse academic and professional backgrounds, from both inside and outside the University. The activity of these centers will focus on:

  • Equipping a hall and providing it with a specialized library;
  • Organizing specialized academic seminars;
  • Receiving researchers in the field of the center’s specialization;
  • Holding training courses in the field of the center’s specialization for participants coming from inside or outside of the University; and
  • Publishing studies, research, and books (in English, Arabic, and French) in the field of the center’s specialization.


Second, publishing a specialized academic magazine in the English, Arabic, and French languages.

Third, organizing international conferences (in the English, Arabic, and French languages) with the participation of the most knowledgeable and experienced local and international specialists.

Fourth, equipping a specialized library for Law and Political Science, which includes important academic references, whether Lebanese, Arab, or International, in three languages (English, Arabic, and French).

Fifth, signing memoranda of understanding with private and public entities in Lebanon and abroad in support of the Faculty’s policy and goals.

The Curriculum is based on teaching courses, which need to be completed for the Lebanese Degree in Law (LLB) approved and licensed by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. In the Law program, our graduates will enjoy the added advantages of studying comparative law and legal systems (civil, common, and Islamic law), and familiarizing themselves with international private and public laws, in addition to a strong practical know-how in the different fields.

In the Government and International Relations program, our graduates will enjoy the added advantages of combining traditional theoretical approaches to Political Science together with new and state-of-the-art emphasis in the field, including International Affairs, Public Administration, NGO’s, Human Rights, etc.

The Faculty’s policy allows any person inside or outside the University, after obtaining approval from the Administration, to enroll or join any specialized and academic course to earn attendance certificates and evaluation certificates upon the studies or course completion.

The academic administration of the Faculty would like to confirm that future plans for the Faculty include developing the curriculum of Master’s degrees in Law (in English, Arabic, and French) and offering specializations that enable students to launch a career based on modern and solid foundations.

I invite you to explore our Website and to visit our Faculty so that you can experience for yourself the remarkable academic environment that the Faculty of Law and Political Science has to offer.


Dr. Maan Bou-Saber, Dean

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