Bachelor of Arts in Education - Basic Education with Teaching Diploma


The mission of the B.A. in Education - BASIC EDUCATION is to train students lead a productive career in their chosen concentration area, by educating them in the fundamental concepts of education.

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Program Educational Objectives

The graduates of the program should be able to:

  1. 1.Lead a productive career in their chosen concentration area;
  2. 2.Apply their learned skills to analyze current issues in education and propose means of addressing them;
  3. 3.Contribute to the improvement of the education practices and methodologies;
  4. 4.Work with educational professionals in organizations and government offices that deal with various educational issues.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon graduation, students should be able to:

  1. 1.Identify the foundations and basic elements of educational theory;
  2. 2.Recognize and address issues related to student learning;
  3. 3.Distinguish between the various learning styles for effective teaching;
  4. 4.Apply managerial and pedagogical skills in class sessions;
  5. 5.Demonstrate skills in working with students of varying abilities and special needs;
  6. 6.Plan culturally diverse learning activities.

The B.A. in Education - Basic Education focuses on preparing school teachers for Grade 1 to 9 to confront the issues of basic education. The official decree for this degree recognizes two separate degrees: a B.A. - Basic Education (99 credits) and a Teaching Diploma (21 credits).


Liberal Arts Curriculum (30cr.)

Option I (120cr.)

For students who plan on a teaching career in Education - Basic Education:

Free Electives (9cr.)

Option II (99cr.)

For students who wish to acquire a B.A. in Education - Basic Education without a Teaching Diploma:

Free Electives (9cr.)

Option III (21cr.)

For students who have obtained the 99-credit B.A. in Education - Basic Education and wish to acquire a Teaching Diploma:
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