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Note from the Chair

Previously known as the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS), and, consecutively, the Department of Humanities and Religious Studies (HRS), its present title is Department of Religious, Cultural, and Philosophical Studies and is a dynamic department offering GER courses in philosophy, religion, and in sociology. This Department founded the Summer Arabic Program, when it hosted Arabic language, and the Psychology major. Courses in Sports and political sciences were also previously offered as GER courses by this Department.

With the latest restructuring of the Faculty of Humanities in the Fall of 2013, the Department was given the present name, and was left only with GER courses in Philosophy, Religion, and Sociology, the very courses that embody the spirit of the University’s mission.

There is a long history of discussion regarding ways in which the Department should grow and develop, especially with respect to deepening its philosophical and religious identity. With the collective efforts of the Department’s faculty members, the Department has recently developed two minors, one in Philosophy, and another in Sociology, both of which will be offered beginning Fall 2015. Work is in process on other minors, most notably a minor in spirituality and religious studies, with a view towards developing these minors into majors pending student enrollment.

Also, effective Fall 2015, the Department will be offering a course on Lebanese Philosophy- in Arabic.

The real vocational spirit of the whole University depends on what this Department offers; this explains the tight scrutiny in the Department hiring process. Accordingly, the guiding policy of this Department is to strengthen in our students a genuine sense of their own responsibility for the great gift of life, a deeper understanding of their own cultural identity, an openness to diversity, respect for human dignity and rights, and concern for the common good. The main goal of the Department is to provide an education that fosters excellence in scholarship, lifelong learning, enlightened citizenship, human solidarity, moral integrity, spirit of stewardship, a genuine sense of freedom, and belief in God.

The Department of Religious, Cultural and Philosophical Studies – Chair, faculty members, and staff is looking forward to welcoming all registered students, and embarking together with them on a beautiful and fruitful educational journey.

Dr. Doumit Salameh, Chairperson

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