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English Writing Competition - Fall 2018 and Spring 2019

The Department of English and Translation at NDU is pleased to announce the second annual student writing competition to recognize excellence in academic and creative writing.

Three prizes will be awarded in spring 2019: two for academic writing ($1,000.00 1st Prize and $750.00 2nd Prize), and one for creative writing ($750.00). Winners' works will be published in the English Student Society literary journal, Gaudium.

  • Academic Essay: This award recognizes excellence in the category of academic writing for the best student research essay in a variety of disciplines of no more than 4,000 words.

  • Creative Writing: This award recognizes excellence in the field of creative writing by emerging artists. Creative works may include short stories (up to 2,000 words), scripts (up to 3,000 words), graphic novel, and poems (up to 400 words).


The English Writing Competition is open to all students at NDU regardless of major. Students may submit original work or work submitted as part of a course requirement during the current academic year as long as the works are approved by an NDU instructor.



The deadline for submission is April 1, 2019.



All Writing Competition notifications will be made via email. Queries can be sent to Dr. Naji Oueijan on the following address:


Selection Committee

Judges are blind panel members of the Selection Committee. (All works are judged on the basis of originality, creativity, artistic and/or research quality and significance).


Winners will be announced in an awards ceremony on Thursday, May 2nd 2019.


Writing Evaluation Guidelines

Both academic and creative works are numerically evaluated according to the grades below:
5 (Excellent)
4 (Very Good)        
3 (Good)  
2 (Fair)          
1 (Poor)


Criteria of Academic Writing include:

  • The paper’s central thesis is perceptive, clear, and developed.
  • Research is employed in developing the key argument.
  • A nuanced understanding of the subject matter is evident throughout the paper.
  • The writing style engages the reader, vocabulary is well-chosen with variety in sentence structures.
  • The paper is well organized and coherent, with skillful transitions between paragraphs and arguments.
  • The paper respects APA or MLA style when it comes to referencing and format, or documentation guidelines appropriate to the discipline of the submitted essay.
  • Accuracy in grammar, mechanics, syntax, sentence structure and punctuation are required.


Criteria of Creative Writing include:

  • Originality and Significance
  • Genre Features
  • Artistic Values: figurative devices, imagery, and symbolism
  • Language Use: diction, structures, spelling and punctuation
  • Creativity and Style



To submit your work, follow the link at the bottom of this page. All submissions and forms should be typed and submitted electronically in either (.doc), (.docx) or (.pdf).


Kindly click on "Download PDF, "Open With Different Viewer", "Open With Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (default)" in order to fill in the Submission Form.



1. Print a copy of this form (the form is a fillable .pdf file);
2. Fill out the required information; do not write your name;
3. Secure the approval and electronic signature of a faculty member who read your creative/research work;
4. Scan the Submission Form and save it on your computer as PDF;
5. Fill the box below with your Phone number;
6. Upload your Submission Form and your Creative/Research work below.




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