Note from the Chair

The Electrical and Computer and Communication Engineering (ECCE) department is one of the largest departments at Notre Dame University (NDU). It is home to 10 full-time faculty members and several part-time instructors whose fields of inquiry include Electromagnetism, Automation and Control, Communications, Microelectronics and Power Systems; they are committed to research and undergraduate teaching. There are around 575 students currently enrolled in the ECCE department.

The ECCE department offers undergraduate degree programs in Electrical Engineering and in Computer and Communication Engineering, both programs are 150 credits and they can be completed in 4 years including 8 regular semesters and 3 summer sessions. They provide students with a strong background in mathematics, basic sciences, computer science, laboratory work, practical training, engineering science and design and some complementary studies (general education requirements), in conformity with the requirements of the Lebanese Order of Engineers.

Research in the ECCE department is an integral part of the activities of the faculty members. It has been increased steadily as shown by the number of published articles in both refereed international journals and conference proceedings. Faculty members and students are engaged in research projects in the areas of antenna design, digital signal processing, electromagnetic field computations, energy system optimization, microprocessor / microcontroller system applications, power electronics, VLSI design, and engineering education.

For any queries related to the ECCE department, do not hesitate to contact me at

Semaan Georges, Chaiperson

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