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Note from the Chair

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (DCEE) at NDU offers the degree of Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering. The DCEE is committed to graduate competent engineers through excellence in undergraduate teaching and research.

The program of study requires the completion of 150 credits which include general education requirements, core courses in mathematics and basic sciences, major engineering and elective courses, 7 laboratory courses, summer training, and a final year engineering project. The BE in Civil engineering program can be completed during a four year period, encompassing 8 regular semesters and 3 summer sessions.

Lately, with a significant increase in the number of undergraduate students, enrollment in the DCEE became around 500 students. The department has 9 full-time faculty members with the assistance of several part-time qualified instructors.

The DCEE is involved in many sustainable development projects related to water resources throughout research, teaching and its laboratory activities and collaboration with the Water Energy and Environment Research Center WEERC. The DCEE is now equipped with state-of-the-art laboratory testing equipment and data acquisition systems. Besides, the DCEE established commercial activities within its laboratories structure. Concrete, steel, water and soil tests are performed to industry, based on the international norms ASTM. Research in the department is also in the areas of earthquake engineering, ground water transport and pollution, waste management, and concrete technology and admixtures.

The Society of Civil Engineers SCE has many activities centered on complementing in-class teaching with field trips, guest speakers, software learning sessions, social events as well as participating with the university activities as a regular club.

For any inquiry related to the DCEE, do not hesitate to contact me at

Jacque Harb, Chairperson

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