Note from the Chair

The Bachelor of Science degree in economics at Notre Dame University aims at building students’ quantitative, communication and analytical skills. Students learn to apply analysis and reasoning to a number of business, organizational and societal issues. To this purpose, our qualified faculty members have the knowledge, experience and dedication to serve students with first class education.

Our faculty members are involved in research and some have received international awards in appreciation of their work. The number of published papers in internationally-listed journals is on the rise. The Department will continue to seek all the support for faculty research hoping to meet the highest standards in academic scholarship. In addition to academic research, a number of our faculty members are active consultants to a variety of international and national organizations.

Should you have any questions about our Department, please feel free to contact us at:
Tel: (961)-9-218950 (ext 2489)

Mohamed Hamadeh, Chairperson

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