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A Minor in Finance will provide students with a broad understanding of the principles and practices needed to make financial decisions in corporations.

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December 2019
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Objectives and Outcomes

The student who graduates with a minor in Finance will be able to:


  1. 1.Master the current methods for analyzing, interpreting, and reporting financial information.
  2. 2.Estimate short-and-long terms financing needs.
  3. 3.Prepare and analyze capital budgeting projects.
  4. 4.Describe the different dimensions of international finance and trade.
  5. 5.Think critically, analyze information, and solve problems related to complex financial crises.
  6. 6.Use computers and financial software for financial analysis and presentation.

Suggested Program

First semester (3cr.)
ACO 201 Principles of Accounting I 3 cr.
Second semester (3cr.)
BAF 311 Principles of Financial Management I 3 cr.
Third semester (3cr.)
BAF 312 Principles of Financial Management II 3 cr.
Two minor elective courses
Fourth semester (cr.)
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