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The overall aim is to provide a comprehensive and flexible range of programs in response to the educational and professional needs of the local community, the region, national and international demand, and to secure the opportunity for personal and professional development in any of the following areas: Architecture, arts, or design.

We serve the community by providing programs of study that are professionally oriented, comprehensive, relevant to today’s business world, and of high standard

Note from the Dean

Welcome to Notre Dame University-Louaize (NDU), Ramez G. Chagoury, Faculty of Architecture, Arts & Design (FAAD).

Whether you are interested in studying Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Photography, Jazz Music, Arabic Music, Musicology, and Musimedialogy or in pursuing graduate studies in Design, Architecture, and Musicology, our Faculty can meet your needs.

FAAD is a student-centered Faculty. We believe our role is to be facilitators. We strive to exteriorize your individual personalities rather than create carbon-copies. Interaction between you as students and us as faculty members is built upon respect, objectivity, and constructive criticism. In order to make sure we’re offering you first-class education that meets simultaneously local, regional, and international standards, we continuously undergo research and self and professional development.

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historical overview

In September 1987, NDU started its ‘Visual Arts’ programs with the Faculty of Humanities. During the years 1995-1998, the only two degrees in Visual Arts; which we offered then; Graphic Design and Interior Design, were redesigned to provide for an international and professional (vocational) education. Consequently, the number of enrolled students multiplied (from eighty five students in the year 1995 to two hundred seventy five in 1998).

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mission, vision & values

The Faculty is committed to the ambitions of students wishing to study Architecture, Arts, or Design. It seeks to attract a diverse range of students from Lebanon or the region by providing intellectually challenging and professional programs serving the needs of Lebanon and the region and underpinned by scholarship, research and professional activity.

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  • Haddad, Robert
  • Kesrouani, Elias (Fr.)

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