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Division of Computing Services


The Division of Computing Services is committed to the strategic use of the information technology for the continual improvement of the operation of NDU.


We strive to support the essential educational, research, and administrative goals of NDU through the development and delivery of computing and communication services to the University’s faculty, students, and staff.

Goal for Faculty

Provide stronger links with faculty members in order to promote and facilitate their use of technology to support teaching and learning.

Goal for Students

Ensure that students have the necessary skills to take advantage of NDU's technological environment.

Goal for Staff

Provide staff members with the necessary technological tools that are current and reliable, so they can serve the NDU community effectively.


Equipment and Facilities

The administrative Computer Center is equipped with enterprise servers used for the Registrar, Library, and various Business and Administration applications, using the latest Data Base technologies.

For academic purposes, SUN and IBM Mini computers, Terminals, and X-Stations, operating under Unix, are used by Computer Science and Engineering students. A set of servers, operating under Unix, control the campus Internet and Intranet networks.

All Faculties have active computers running various platforms such as PC/Windows, PC/Linux, Sun/Solaris, and IBM/AIX. Unix workstations and Windows 2000 operating systems have transparent access to the Servers, and to one another through Network File System and Remote File System access.

The Main Campus Intranet is a fully interconnected, multimedia, multi-protocol infrastructure spanning well over 1 km of area networks and over 800 computers on the network. The new network is a routed, full duplex, fiber based, Gigabyte Ethernet backbone with Gigabyte Ethernet (1000 Mbps) links to all the major buildings. Network connection in offices and rooms are at 100 Mbps switched Ethernet.

A PowerPC and Macintosh network is connected to a variety of peripherals, and are available for Visual Arts students including: color laser printers, scanners and plotters.
Special classrooms are linked to the backbone network via communication lines and have local resources to allow the instructor an indoor on-line demonstration with illustrative materials projected during class hours. Students are required to put into practice the theoretical concepts and gain working knowledge during regular laboratory sessions scheduled individually for each course.

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