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Children's Choir


October 1994 marked the onset of a new era in Polyphonic chant in the Church of Lebanon when Fr. Khalil Rahmé founded the Children’s Choir at the Notre Dame de Louaize School, a year after the Notre Dame University-Louaize Choir for Adults was founded.
The nucleus of the Children’s Choir was then formed, comprising of the students of the School of Music at NDU, which Fr. Rahmé also established in 1992. Today, the Children’s Choir celebrates its 18th Anniversary.


Andary Christy, Aoun Maria, Asmar Sarah, Bou-Gerges Joëlle, Chemaly Christa-Maria, Darwich Rogenia, Ghanime Gabrielle, Ghanime Lynne, Hage Christelle, Kassis Marise, Khalifé Jacinthe, Khalifé Justin, Khalil Pia, Khalil Gaëlle, Khalil Léabelle, Khalil Nasr, Khalil Sophie, Kordahi Elitta, Kordahi Marita, Lahoud Jano, Mazraani Clarissa, Mazraani Melissa, Reaidy Sibelle, Salameh Cindy, Salameh Lynn, Salameh Rhéa, Semaan Emanuel, Sibrini Christian, Sibrini Serge, Sibrini Stéphanie, Tamer Gabriel, Tamer Rafael

Our Concerts

Eighteen years ago, the choir performed its first Christmas Concert at the Patriarchal See before His Beatitude Cardinal Mar Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir and a host of bishops and clergymen. This exceptional start encouraged Fr. Rahmé to further develop the choir and enable its members to perform concerts along with the NDU Choir at local and international festivals and events.

In 2002, the Children’s Choir performed at the reception ceremony of the relics of St. Therese of the Infant Jesus.

Through weekly rehearsals, hard work, dedication, and passion, the Children’s Choir (whose members are aged between six and 17) was prepared to participate in the Al Bustan International Festival of Music and the Performing Arts (2007) and feature an exhilarating repertoire of international classics and Lebanese oriental styles of music. In 2008, the Children’s Choir also performed in the Christmas Concert at the presidential palace in the presence of the President of the Republic of Lebanon, His Excellency General Michel Sleiman and a host of Lebanese and foreign political and diplomatic figures.

The choir also performs several religious concerts for various religious occasions throughout the Liturgical Calendar such as Christmas, Palm Sunday, Holy Week, and Resurrection. The choir also organizes an annual concert on the occasion of the end of the school year at the NDU School of Music.

Moreover, the angelic voices accompany the NDU Choir in most of its principal concerts. The children of yesterday are the adults of today who have fulfilled their dreams of becoming members of the NDU Choir.


The Choir has produced a number of CDs, the most important of which are: Ossa Zgheereh w Hob Kbeer (A Small Story and A Great Love); Jrass Il Farha (The Bells of Joy); Hymns for Saints, and shared recordings with the NDU Choir (The Maronites and the Glory of Lebanon, and Christmas Carols).

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