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  • Nibal Abou Lteif
  • Ghady Bou Habib
  • Vanessa Chouchani
  • Lourdes Daou
  • Dominique El Borgi
  • Anthonios Haber
  • Aline Rezian
  • Alice Zainoun



  • Charbel Akiki
  • Victor Aramouni
  • Daniella Azar
  • Michel Azar
  • Karl Barakat
  • Sabine El Alam
  • Miguel Habchi
  • Jad Harb
  • Ashraf Mhanna
  • Jean Marc Moukarzel
  • Emilio Moussi
  • Christian Zgheib



  • Tarek Abi Nader
  • Elie Bassil
  • Melissa Boustany
  • Cynthia Dib
  • Assaad Dleptany
  • Ramy Dleptany
  • Tarek El Khoury
  • Joe Korkomaz
  • Karen Salem
  • Roy Saryeldine
  • Selim Sleiman
  • Wissam Sleiman



  • Fouad Dagher
  • Tonia Eid
  • Toni Ghanem
  • Samar Ghazal
  • Roy Hanna
  • Nicolas Maalouly
  • Eric Tabcharani



  • Tarek Daoud
  • Elie Yaacoub



  • Ralph Boulos
  • Fadi Dib
  • Salim Geagea
  • Samer Kalaani
  • Rayan Khalil



  • Elio Hantouche

Activity 1

Engaging in charity and community work to show the helpful and caring nature of NDU students.

Activity 2

Organizing awareness events and seminars in collaboration with the SAO. Topics of interest to the youth generation shall be highlighted.

Activity 3

Undertaking initiative toward the environment by participating in environmental campaigns and/or contributing in making our university friendlier to the environment.

Activity 4

Increasing the financial aid budget to allow a larger number of students to benefit from these grants.

Activity 5

Increasing the seating capacity in the open area to accommodate for the increasing number of students.

Activity 6

Installing a new heating system in the upper cafeteria to keep the students warm throughout the winter season.

Activity 7

Implementing the career section of the Student Union’s website. This project has been launched last year by the Student Union and approved by the SAO. The implementation will provide NDU students and alumni with thousands of employment opportunitie.

Activity 8

Working with the Radio/TV students to improve the available equipment.

Activity 9

Making sure that the prices of the cafeteria’s basic items such as sandwiches Nescafe soft drinks and water do not rise.

Activity 10

Supervising the food safety standards at the cafeteria and suggesting improvement.

Activity 11

Providing the material used by the FAAD students for a price significantly lower than the market price.

Activity 12

Assisting the Clubs in providing previous exams, courses’ material, and required software.

Activity 13

Organizing a successful book fair where students can exchange their old books for new ones.

Activity 14

Working on reintegrating the events involving music into our campus life as these recently banned events have been an important part of NDU’s Social Scene.

Activity 15

Providing discount cards and valuable offers for NDU students.

Activity 16

Working on solving the faculties’ academic issues related to course offering, exam schedule, and contract sheets.

Activity 17

Making sure that the online preregistration is implemented as of Spring 2012 Semester.

Activity 18

Reintroducing the patriotic events and conferences in NDU to enrich the national culture of NDU students.

Activity 19

Working with the Armenian clubs and societies to honor the martyrs of the Armenian genocide in a memorial mass on April 24.

Activity 20

Participating in the events organized by the Hotel Management Department and the Hotel Management Club, as these events have always drawn the best picture of our students’ talent and professionalism.

Activity 21

Working on fixing the course offering’s schedule for the students of the FNHS so that more courses are courses are offered in the morning’s period.

Activity 22

Working on procuring new and developed equipments for the medical lab students.

Activity 23

Undertaking a feasibility study concerning the introduction of a law department in the FPSPAD.

Activity 24

Collaborating with NGOs and ministries to offer internships for the students of the FPSPAD in ministries and embassies.

Activity 25

Created the NDU application contest, for android, Iphone, and blackberry cell phones, to be written by any capable student especially Computer-Science and Computer Communication engineering students.

Activity 26

Projection of the football match between Lebanon and UAE.

Activity 27

Collection of donations for the fassouh building in Achrafieh.

Activity 28

Organized a book exchange program.

Activity 29

Change the SIS computers in each faculty and administration building to suite our universities image.

Activity 30

Enable the usage of what’s app , BBM , and facebook…. Via the university wifi connection.

Activity 31

Donation of gifts to less fortunate kids during the Xmas fiesta.

Activity 32

Helped the students with their pre-registration.

Activity 33

Training session held by yields management.
Bylaws, Student Union, Notre Dame University, Louaize Main Campus and Branches

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