Student Life Office

Attendance Policy

Students should attend all classes and laboratory sessions on time. Absences, whether authorized or not, even if below the maximum number (specified below), may alter one’s grade substantially. The SAO alone authorizes absences. No absence absolves a student from responsibility regarding the material presented during his/her absence. The maximum number of absences permitted in classes that meet on MWF is six; the maximum number of absences permitted in classes that meet on TTH and in the summer is four. Any student whose absences exceed the maximum limit shall automatically be considered as having failed the course unless the student withdraws.

Students who miss classes or exams should contact the University physician, Dr. Elias Chemaly, within 48 hours of their sickness. The NDU physician should examine each student before deciding whether a medical report should be given or not. The SAO will not issue any excuse without the approval of the NDU physician.

Dr. Elias Chemaly M.D. (Tel. # 03.725559) is available from 11:00 am until 1:00 pm at the Infirmary- SAO.

International Student Services

The international Student Services provides support for international students at NDU and assistance in whatever they may need. It also helps them to integrate into the NDU community, specifically with other students. International students are urged to pass by the Office of Student Affairs upon arrival and on a regular basis.

Lost and Found

The Lost and Found Office is operated from the Office of Student Affairs. Articles found are to be turned in to the SAO. Persons looking for lost items may inquire at the office or call ext.: 2045. To claim an item, the person must clearly identify it. To help in recovering lost or stolen items, it is suggested that students put their names on their valuables. Items not claimed after sixty days will be considered abandoned.
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