Placement Office

Placement Office

The Placement Office is an integral part of the Public Affairs and Communications Office. It is supervised by the Vice-President for Public Affairs and Communications and is entrusted to a Placement Officer. This Office provides employment opportunities for NDU graduates by acting as a liaison between local and international companies, NDU graduates, and alumni. It also guides students in their search for jobs and schedules on-campus job interviews.

Moreover, it arranges human potential seminars for prospective employers and organizes an annual Job Fair.

Internship Office

The Internship Office provides students with practical experience in their major before graduation. For this purpose, the Internship Office is building a contact database in and outside Lebanon with leading reputable institutions, companies, embassies, and banks, among others.

The internships offered are intended to provide real-life experience that complements the curricula taught in the classroom. Personal and professional growth is fostered through the proper balance of guidance, independence and the acceptance of responsibility.

Internships frequently open the doors to future employment and confirm career plans; and in certain cases, internships may prompt students to consider other career options.
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