Student Activities Office

One way for students to be more involved in life on campus is through participation in extra curricular activities by being active members in clubs and societies. For a club to be recognized, its purpose must be consistent with the stated University by-laws and must have a full-time faculty member as an advisor.

The following student clubs and societies have been established for the academic year 2006-2007 to provide recreational and co-curricular activities.

In addition to club activities, the SAO office coordinates all other activities involving students on campus.

Student Union

The Student Union is the elected body representing students. It assists clubs and societies in the University in their extra-curricular activities that enhance the quality of education and student life in a way that increases student awareness about their rights and obligations, bearing in mind that the responsibilities of the Student Union toward the Administration, faculties, and student body are regulated by rules, regulations, and bylaws.

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