Undergraduate Scholarship

The student shall benefit from the program according to the following scale:
Cumulative GPA from 3.40/4.00 to 3.65/4.00 25% Scholarship
Cumulative GPA from 3.66/4.00 to 3.79/4.00 50% Scholarship
Cumulative GPA from 3.80/4.00 to 4.00/4.00 75% Scholarship


To be eligible the student must:
  • Have completed 12 credits at NDU (remedial credits are not included);
  • Be enrolled in 12 credits (remedial credits are not included) each semester and in a minimum of 9 during the last semester;
  • Have demonstrated academic excellence by maintaining a high cumulative GPA (3.40/4.00 and above).


If the student fulfills the above criteria, he/she does not have to apply, but will automatically benefit from the discount on his/her tuition fees.
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