A. Grant for Excellence

Students demonstrating excellence in sports, artistic, cultural, and social activities and representing the university in national and international contests could benefit from a grant ranging from 10 to 15% of tuition as determined by the Financial Aid Committee upon the recommendation of the Director of the Office of Student Affairs.



To be eligible for a sports grant, the student has to:
  • Join a sports team at NDU;
  • Complete 12 credits at NDU (remedial credits are not included);
  • Be enrolled in 12 credits (remedial credits are not included) each semester, and in at least 9 credits; During the last semester maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00.

B. Sibling Grant

A sibling grant is given when two or more brothers and/or sisters are registered at NDU.


  • The student has to be enrolled with a minimum of 12 credits except during the last semester before graduation when the number of credits may drop to 9 credits;
  • The student has to maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00;
  • Intensive, Freshman, and Masters Students are not eligible to benefit from Sibling Grant.


  • If eligible, two siblings enrolled at the same time in the university will benefit from a 15% discount each; three or more siblings will be entitled to a 25% discount;
  • In case of financial need, the siblings will have the possibility to raise the percentage given to a maximum of 40% by applying to the Work Study Grant;
  • A 50% scholarship will limit the percentage of Sibling Grant to 10% and a 75% scholarship will totally eliminate the Sibling Grant discount.


The students have to submit the Sibling Grant form and attach it to a copy of the Family Identity Card. The form can be withdrawn from the Financial Aid Office during the first week of each semester. The siblings will benefit from the discount as long as they are eligible. They do not have to renew their application unless a new sibling is enrolled for the first time at the university.
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