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Transfer Students

Credits transferred from institutions of Higher education that are recognized by the Lebanese MEHE are accepted provided that the concerned Department and Faculty ensure that the credits accepted are applicable to the corresponding degree program and that a minimum grade of C was obtained. However, the accepted credit does not count toward the student’s GPA at NDU. The criteria established by NDU regarding this policy are made available to students through its website and its catalog.

Depending on the Faculty, a transfer student is required to complete at least 30 or 45 credits at NDU in order to be eligible for a degree, while the remainder of the credits that are taken at other institutions of higher education can be transferred if they satisfy the criteria of the concerned Department and Faculty. Exceptionally, transfer students who want to join the Faculty of Engineering /Bachelor of Architecture can receive credit for NDU courses listed under the GER, core requirements and free elective categories of the NDU contract sheet. In order to ensure that students have achieved the required outcomes and objectives specified by the concerned department, the Faculty of Engineering reserves the right not to give transfer credit for courses listed under the major requirements category even if students have taken similar courses at the institution they previously attended.

Freshman students are considered ineligible for transfer.

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