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Graduate Registration

Registration Process

A registration guide is distributed to every graduate student before the period assigned for
registration. Students are advised to read the registration guide and this section of the
catalog carefully. Registration involves the following steps:



Payment of Fees

The first step in registration is the payment of fees. Every registrant must pay the fees in
full, or make arrangement for payment two weeks before the beginning of registration.
Regardless of the manner of payment, every student must clear his/her registration with the
Business Office. Outstanding balances must be settled in full before a student is allowed to
register. Those who fail to honor the terms of the arrangement of payment of fees will be
denied the privilege of future arrangements.



Consultation with Academic Advisors

Each student is assigned an academic advisor. With a proposed semester course schedule,
the student proceeds to his/her advisor for consultation and the finalization of the selected
courses. Students should consult with their academic advisors in the places assigned them
for registration. The selection of courses is initially undertaken by the registrant
himself/herself. Registration in absentia or by proxy is not permitted. Continuing students
should check the course requirements as prescribed for every major, and compare them
with the ones they have already completed. In the light of this comparison, they should
check the course offerings for the given semester and then fill in their semester course
schedules. New students must make sure that all required documents, particularly those
mentioned in the letter of admission, are submitted to the Registrar's Office. They should
also have in hand their letters of admission and identity cards or passports to present them
to their advisors. Students should follow the steps indicated in the registration guide.

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