Early Registration System

Early Registration Steps

Below find the instructions to be followed to ensure compliance with the Early Registration System (ERS).


No more Pre-registration: The Early Registration is the Actual Registration.

Early Registration is mandatory for all enrolled students. Those who fail to submit their Early Registration will have their registration moved automatically to the Late Registration period and will have to pay the Late Registration fees.

Enrolled students can early register during the “entire Advising and Early Registration period”:  Thursday, April 20 to Thursday, May 4, 2017.  
However, the first attempt to register depends upon the time slot of the student ID number, which corresponds to the first two days of this period (Thursday, April 20 & Friday, April 21, 2017).

Enrolled students register during the advising and early registration period without paying any fee, however, the student will be held responsible for the number of credits registered. The first installment will be paid at the beginning of the semester, after which, the student will confirm his or her registration.

Students are requested to check whether or not they have an Advisor Hold before Early Registration. Students that have an Advisor Hold should meet with their advisor otherwise he or she will be unable to early register.

As for other holds (financial, library, admissions, SAO), these should cleared by the student before the final confirmation (final registration dates), which are on August 28 & August 29, 2017 for the fall 2017.

Since Early Registration is done without the availability of grades, cumulative GPA, credits completed, and student academic status (probation, suspension, change of major etc.), the system will check all rules and regulations based on the assumption the student will successfully pass the courses currently taken.

During the Early Registration period, the student will register and adjust his or her registration for an unlimited number of times.

An important note: The system will save the maximum number of credits reached in all attempts. At the confirmation date, the system will not allow the student to go below this maximum (with the exception of a new probation, where the load should not exceed 13 credits).

During the Drop/Add period, if the student drops credits more than he or she adds, he or she will be penalized (same as before). The rationale behind this rule is to ensure that students are refrained from reserving seats in courses more than needed, or reserving for other students with higher ID number.

During the Early Registration period, students can request overload and prerequisite waiving from their respective deans and chairs.

At the beginning of the new semester (August 2017 for the fall semester), the student should clear all holds (financial, library, admissions, SAO), pay his or her first installment (i.e. down payment), and then login to the SIS to confirm his or her registration.

During the Confirmation/Registration period in September for fall 2017, the system re-checks all academic and non-academic rules. Early-registered students will have to drop and replace courses whose prerequisites were not fulfilled or whose academic status (probation or suspension) requires that students will not be able to exceed 13 credits.

Once all academic rules and non-academic messages are cleared, the student confirms his or her early registration and he or she is officially registered.

At the end of the Late Registration and just before the Drop/Add period, students who fail to confirm their early registered courses will have their courses automatically dropped by the system and will be financially penalized (25% of the registered credits).

Students who did not early register will be able to register during the Late Registration period with a penalty fee, and the Drop/Add period will proceed as usual where students can drop/add courses.

No early registration for summer session 2017.

For further clarification, you are kindly asked to refer to the following document:


Schedule of Meetings

Below find the schedule of meetings that will be conducted for the concerned offices and for students and advisors, whereby a system was created to define the steps needed to be taken for a successful registration.

 Date  Place
Concerned Offices: SAO, Admissions, Registrar, Office of Communication Campus Services, Student Union
Scheduled Accordingly
In their respective offices
Thursday, March 23, 2017
Friday, March 24, 2017
Abou Khater Auditorium and
Friends’ Hall

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 at 12:30 p.m.
Wednesday, April 5, 2017 at 12:00 p.m.
Issam Fares Hall

Regional Campuses
NLC: Tuesday, March 21, 2017 at 12:30 p.m.
SC: Wednesday, March 29 at 12:00 p.m.
Main Court and Conference Room

Supplement assistance on Early Registration will be available through the support services offices, mainly the Registrar’s Office and the SAO and the full instructions on the NDU website, under Registrar’s Office.Supplement assistance on Early Registration will be available through the support services offices, mainly the Registrar’s Office and the SAO and the full instructions on the NDU website, under Registrar’s Office.

Registration Steps

Old Students

Check on NDU website: Office of the Registrar
  • Registration Dates and Procedures;
  • Academic Rules and Regulations;
  • Course Offering.

Submit an online Graduation Application Form on the Student Information System (SIS) for Summer session 2017.

Step 1

S.I.S: Clear any lock on your ID#


Step 2

S.A.O: Refer to the following SAO Announcement


Step 3

Office of Finance: Refer to the following Office of Finance Announcement


Step 4

On Campus or Off Campus Registration by ID Order. Choose one of:

  • On campus registration (Intranet): Academic Advisor or Computer Center;
  • Off campus registration (Internet).

Your Registration is not complete if you do not follow all the steps 1, 2, 3 and 4.

New Students

  • Pass by the Admissions Office, take your letter of admission and follow all the steps listed on the guidelines for new students’ pamphlet;
  • Attend the orientation session;
  • Visit the following page Office of the Registrar on the NDU website;
  • Registration Dates and Procedures;
  • Academic Rules and Regulations;
  • Course Offering.


Step 1

S.A.O.: Refer to the following SAO Announcement


Step 2

Office of Finance: Refer to the following Office of Finance Announcement


Step 3

Academic Advisor:

  • Pass by your academic advisor (His/Her Office) for approval and final registration of the courses on the computer. Copy the courses, sections, credits, room and time correctly and in full on the student schedule sheet using a ball point pen. Both advisor and student should sign.
  • Take only your own copy of the registration form and the other copies should be kept with the advisor.

Your Registration is not complete if you do not follow all the steps.

Course Offering

Search for Course Offering by Campus, Faculty, Semester and Year by clicking on the link below:

Course Offering for Fall 2016

Find your Advisor



Department/Program Name of Advisor
Extension # Room #
Music Department
  Dr Lola Beyrouthi 5022 FA 2024
  Ms. Dolcy Lawoun 5035 FA 2065
Design Department
Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design Mr. Nadim Matta 5032 FA 2047
  Ms Jaqueline Soghman 5024 FA 2039
  Ms. Danielle Zaccour 5013 FA 2023
  Mr. John Kortbawi 5010 FA 2026
  Ms. Roula Majdalani 5012 FA 2010
  Mr. Noel Nasr 5023 FA 2038
  Ms. Graziella Daghfal 5027 FA 2045
Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design Mr. Salim Akl 5034 FA 2064
  Mr. Robert Haddad 5005 FA 2033
  Mr. Andre Bechara 5021 FA 2043
  Ms. Janine Baroud 5033 FA 2063
  Ms. Rina Shebaby 5032 FA 2040
Bachelor of Arts in Photography Mr. Noel Nasr 5023 FA 2038
Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design Ms. Carole Challita 5026 FA 2046
Department of Arts
Bachelor of Arts in Arts and Crafts Ms. Danielle Zaccour 5013 FA 2023
  Ms. Roula Majdalani 5012 FA 2010
Master of Art in Design Dr. Jean Pierre El Asmar 5000 FA 2021
Department of Architecture
  Dr. Hani Zgheib 5002 FA 2005
  Mr. Paul Mouawad 5003 FA 2006
  Ms. Leila Jabbour 5004 FA 2007
  Dr. Karen Abou Jaoude 5006 FA 2009
  Mr. Chady Bteich 5007 FA 2003

Dr. Nicolas Gabriel 5015 FA 2049

Ms. Kristine Samra 5018 FA 2008

Dr. Farid Younes 5091 FA 2004

Dr. Christine Mady 5091 FA 2004

Mr. Richard Mitri 5092 FA 2036

Mr. Bassam Daher 5093 FA 2059

Dr. Gabriel Hajj 5094 FA 1008

Ms. Nadine Hindi 5011 FA 2011

Dr. Wissam Mansour 5094 FA 1008

Mr. Charbel Tannous 5028 FA 2058
Master of Arch. in Landscape Urbanism Dr. Jean Pierre El Asmar 5000 FA 2021
North Campus 
  Mr. Elie Hawi   NLC
  Mr. Joseph Chartouni   NLC
  Ms. Dina Baroud   NLC
  Mr. Wissam Melhem   NLC
Shouf Campus
  Ms. Claudine Chamoun   SC
  Mr. charbel Akl   SC
  Dr. Maroun Kassab   SC



Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics Major From – to Advisor Extension
  Accounting A – Z Mrs. Norma Frayha 2458
    Banking & Finance    
    A – D Mr. Tony Khalil 2460
    E – H Dr. Charbel Bassil 2178
    I – K Mr. Hrair Hovivian 2452
    L - O Dr. Louis Hobeika 2144
    P - R Mr. Raja Shaffu 2439
  Economics A – Z Dr. Mohamad Hamadeh 2489
  Financial Engineering A – M Mr. Richard Abi Saleh 2441
    N – Z Mrs. Sandra Khalil 2310
Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management From – to Advisor Extension
  A – E Ms. Carol Assaf 2469
  F – J Mr. Omar Sakr 2038
  K – R Mr. Ghassan Beyrouthy 2517
  S – Z Dr. Yussef Zgheib 2486
Department of Management & Marketing
Major From - to Advisor Name Extension
  A – N Dr. Caroline. Akhras 2461
  O – Z Dr. Atef. Harb 2454
International Business Management      
  A – B Mr. Salim Karam 2437

C – H Mrs. Esther Sleilati 2195

I – N Miss Marguerite Eid 2309

O - Z Mrs. Mira Thoumy 2321
  A – J Mr. Kamal Zakhour 2436
  K – Z Mr. Georges Ghaleb 2311
Human Resource Management      
  A - H Miss Jennifer Abou Hamad 2365
  I – Z Mrs. Souha Abdel Nour 2483
Distribution & Logistic Management      
  A – Z Mr. Edgard Barakat 2435
Health and Care Management      
  A – Z Dr. Mira Thoumy 2321
Master Program (MBA)
Advisor Name Major
Dr. Hassan Hamadi  
  Finance and Economics
Dr. Viviane Naimy  
  Financial Risk Management
Dr. Yussef Zgheib  
  Human Resources Management
  Project and Operations Management
  Management and Marketing
  General MBA
  Project Management



Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Advisors’ Name Extension #
Dr. Elie Chakar 2177
Dr. Jacques Harb 2030
Dr. Talal Salem                        2023
Dr. Dima Jawad 2518
Dr. Naji Khoury 2248
Dr. Elsy Ibrahim (NLC) 3191
Dr. Sophia Ghanimeh 2209
Dr. Charles Saad 2201
Dr. Michel Chalhoub 2824
Dr. Gerard-Philippe Guy May Zéhil 2280
Department of Electrical, Computer and Communication Engineering
Advisors’ Name Extension #
Dr. Sami Elmurr 2363
Dr. Mustapha Hamad 2025
Dr. Elias Nassar 2197
Dr. Semaan Georges 2173
Dr. George Hassoun 2010
Dr. Nassar Mendalek 2100
Dr. Abdallah Kassem 2042
Dr. Marwan Bou Sanayeh 2118
Dr. Jad Atallah 2172
Dr. Ghassan Kraidy 2282
Dr. Fakheredine Keyrouz 2281
Dr. Youssef Tawk 2140
Dr. Joseph Issa 2372
Dr. Chady El-Moucary (NLC) 3156
Dr. Maurice Khabbaz (SC) 214
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Advisors’ Name Extension #
Dr. Francis Francis (Main + NLC) 2179 + 3141 (NLC)
Dr. Najib Metni 2032
Dr. Charbel Bou Mosleh 2603
Dr. Chady Ghnatios 2015
Dr. Charbel Habchi 5134



Department of English and Translation
Advisors’ Name
Dr. Georges Abdelnour
Undergraduate/ Graduate English
Dr. Maya El Hajj
Undergraduate/ Graduate Translation
Dr. May Akl                    Undergraduate/ Graduate Translation
Department of Psychology, Education, and Physical Education
Advisors’ Name
Dr. Harvey Oueijan
Undergraduate Education/ Teaching Diploma/ Teaching Certificate
Dr. Christine Sabieh
Graduate Education
Dr. Jerome Daher
Freshman Arts Advisor from (A-G)
Dr. Wessam Chibani
Freshman Arts Advisor from (H-O)
Dr. Pamela Azouri
Freshman Arts Advisor from (P-Z)
Dr. Nadim Nassif
Physical Education
Dr. Kaissar Keyrouz
Physical Education
Dr. Patricia Eid
Psychology (A-M)
Dr. Joseph Yaacoub
Psychology (N-Z)
Department of Media Studies
Advisors’ Name
Dr. Maria Bou Zeid
Journalism (All Students)           
Mr. Sam Lahoud
Graduate Media Studies (All Students)
Dr. Joseph Ajami
Adv & Mrk (A, B)
Dr. Nadine Karam
Adv & Mrk (C, D, E)
Dr. Rita Sayyah Adv & Mrk (F,G,H)
Dr. Christy Mady Adv & Mrk (I, J, K, L)
Dr. Jessica El Khoury Adv & Mrk (M, N, O, P, Q, R)
Dr. Khalid El Fakih Adv & Mrk (S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z)
Dr. Nicolas Khabbaz RTV (A, B, C)
Dr. Joseph Hosni RTV (D, E,F)
Mr. Naoum Abi Adam RTV (G, H, I, J, K)
Mr. Samer Al Achy RTV (L, M, N)
Ms. Najwa Mallah RTV (O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z)



Department of Law
Advisors’ Name    
Dr. Maan Bou Saber Law
All Students
Dr. Yara Mansour Law
All Students


Department of Computer Science
Advisor Extension #
Dr. Hoda Maalouf, Advisor (BS GIS & Masters CS) 2117
Dr. Hikmat Farhat, Advisor (BS Business Computing) 2081
Mr. Victor Sawma, Advisor (BS Business Computing) 2354
Dr. Hicham Hage, Advisor (MIS) 2674
Dr. Khaldoun El Khaldi, Advisor (CS) 2087
Dr. Pierre Akiki, Advisor (CS) 2084
Dr. Nazir Hawi, Advisor (IT) 2361
Dr. Marie Khair, Advisor (IT) 2102
Dr. Maya Samaha, Advisor (CGA) 2739
Department of Mathematics & Statistics
Dr. Bassem Ghalayini, Advisor (MS Mathematics) 2110
Dr. John Haddad, Advisor (MS Financial Mathematics) 2358
Dr. Roger Nakad, Advisor (BS Mathematics) 2103
Mrs. Claudia Freiji Bou Nassif, Advisor (BS Actuarial Sciences) 2096
Department of Sciences
Dr. Colette Kabrita Bou Serhal, Advisor (BS & MS Biology) 2112
Dr. Kamil Rahmé, Advisor (BS Chemistry) 2617
Dr. Tanos Hage, Advisor (BS Environmental Science)        2614
Dr. Esther Ghanem, Advisor (Freshman Science) 2738
Department of Physics & Astronomy
Dr. Roger Hajjar, Advisor (MS Astrophysics) 2080
Dr. Marwan Gebran, Advisor (BS Physics) 2618



Department of Nursing and Health Sciences
Advisor Extension #
Dr. Jacqueline Doumit (Medical Lab Technology)
Dr. Jocelyne Bou Mosleh (Medical Lab Technology)
Dr. Doris Jaalouk (Nursing)
Ms. Najwa ElGerges (Nursing)
Dr. Antoine Farhat (Nutrition & Dietetics BS) 5045
Dr. Jessy El Hayek (Nutrition & Dietetics BS and Human Nutrition MS)
Dr. Antoine Aoun  (Nutrition & Dietetics BS and Human Nutrition MS))
Ms. Maya Abou Jaoude (Nutrition & Dietetics BS)
Dr. Christelle Bou Mitri (Food Safety & Quality Management BS and MS)


List of Advisors for the Academic Year 2016-2017

Architecture Mr. Charbel Akl (ext. 231)
Graphic Design Ms. Claudine Chamoun (ext. 242)
Banking and Finance Dr. Talie Kassamany (ext. 230)
Economics Dr. Talie Kassamany
Human Resources Management Dr. Talie Kassamany
International Business Management Dr. Talie Kassamany
Management Dr. Talie Kassamany
Marketing Dr. Talie Kassamany
Civil Engineering Dr. Charbel Zgheib (ext. 233)
Computer and Communication Engineering   Dr. Charbel Zgheib 50% + Dr. Maurice Khabbaz (ext. 214) 50%
Electrical Engineering Dr. Charbel Zgheib
Mechanical Engineering Dr. Charbel Zgheib
Advertising and Marketing Mr. Vatche Donerian (ext. 229) 50% + Mrs. Mirna Karam (El Maalouf) (ext. 245) 50%
Freshman Arts and Science Mr. Vatche Donerian
Radio/TV Mr. Vatche Donerian
Teaching Certificate Mr. Vatche Donerian
Teaching Diploma Mr. Vatche Donerian 50% + Mrs. Mirna Karam (El Maalouf) 50%
Translation and Interpretation Mr. Vatche Donerian
Biology Dr. Jacques Bou Abdo (ext. 235)
Business Computing Dr. Jacques Bou Abdo
Computer Science Dr. Jacques Bou Abdo
Information Technology Dr. Jacques Bou Abdo
Mathematics Dr. Abdo Abou Jaoude (ext. 241)
Medical Laboratory Technology Dr. Lara Youssef (ext. 240)
Nutrition and Dietetics Dr. Lara Youssef

List of Advisors for the Academic Year 2016-2017


Faculty Name Major
FBAE Dr. Dorine Mattar Haddad Department of Accounting, Finance & Economics, only the following majors:
  Dr. Reem El-Khoury Department of Accounting, Finance & Economics:
Financial Engineering
Banking &Finance
Department of Mgt & Marketing:

MBA-Human Resources Management
MBA-Management & Marketing
MBA-Finance & Economics
  Mr. Georges Gharzouzi Department of Mgt & Marketing:
Human Resources Management
Int'l Business Management Department of Hospitality & Tourism Management :
Food & Beverage
Hospitality Management
Travel & Tourism
Management of Event Production
FE Dr. Elsy Ibrahim and Dr. Charles Saad Department of Civil Engineering
  Dr. Francis Francis Department of Mechanical Engineering
  Dr. Chady El Moucary Department of Electrical Engineering
Department of Computer Communication Engineering
FNAS Mr. Bashir Maroun Department of Computer Science
  Dr. Mariette Maroun Department of Math & Statistics
Department of Physics & Astronomy
  Dr. Mary Tannous Department of Sciences
FNHS     Mrs. Cecile Obeid Department of Nursing & Health Science (ext. 3147)
FAAD Mrs. Dina Baroud Department of Graphic Design & Interior Design
  Mr. Wissam Melhem Department of Interior Design
  Mr. Joseph Chartouni & Mr. Elie Hawi Department of Architecture
FH Mr. Michel Hajj Department of English & Translation
Department of Phycology, Education & Physical Education
Department of  Media Studies
Freshman Arts & Sciences

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