Financial Aid for New Students

Financial Aid upon Admission


Being a Catholic Institution that “fosters excellence in scholarship” and “human solidarity”, NDU proposes offering Financial Aid to qualified students with limited economic resources starting their first semester.



This program offers Financial Aid to students starting their first semester at NDU. Students eligible to receive this form of Financial Aid must prove they have a financial need and should have good academic records from their three final years at school.

The percentage of the Financial Aid offered upon admission may range between 20% and 40%. The amount of aid granted will cover two consecutive semesters, excluding the summer session.



The new student who wishes to apply for the “Financial Aid upon Admission” must obtain an “Application Form” IN PERSON from the Department of Financial Aid and schedule an appointment for an interview. The presence of one of the students’ parents is mandatory during the interview. The student will be informed of the supporting documents pertaining to Financial Aid upon Admissions during the first interview.

The Application Form for “Financial Aid upon Admission” will be available to new students till the end of November for the spring semester and till the end of June for the fall semester.  

New students should submit their applications and supporting documents by the appropriate deadline as per the application schedule table.

All parts of the financial aid application must be completed. Questions in any part that are not answered and completed properly will jeopardize the processing of the application. Only complete applications, including all required documents will be processed.

Applicants are strongly urged not to wait till the last minute, since filling the application and preparing all the required documents may take time. A delay in the application may negatively impact the amount and nature of the applicant's aid.

The results will be issued before the registration period. Once accepted in this financial aid program, the student will have to complete an assigned number of working hours.



  • Be a sophomore student;
  • Register on a full time basis (a minimum of 12 credits);
  • Prove that he/she does not benefit from any other form of financial assistance;
  • Pass all the courses with a minimum GPA of 2.3 in the first semester.

In case the student fulfills 12 credits excluding remedial with a GPA of 3.4 and above during the first semester, he/she becomes eligible for a scholarship. In this case, the highest percentage of the financial support is adopted.


Conditions to maintain the Financial Aid for next year

  • The student should register on a full time basis;
  • The student should have completed 12 credits excluding remedial courses;
  • The student should have a minimum Cumulative GPA of 2.3 to maintain eligibility for Work Study Grant (WSG);
  • The student should renew his application for WSG at the Department of Financial Aid during the second semester.


NB: The new student can only benefit from the financial support with the highest percentage.


Contact us

For further information on Financial Aid upon Admission, contact the Department of Financial Aid - Office of Student Affairs (SAO):
D: +961 9 208 804

D: +961 9 208 814/9

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