The main purpose of the Office of Public Relations and Cultural Affairs is to create and promote goodwill and a favorable image among the public and community toward NDU. The Office coordinates, organizes, and hosts special cultural, academic, and intellectual events and seminars with the main objective of safeguarding a positive reputation of the University on local, regional, and international levels. The Office is responsible for building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships between the University and its stakeholders. It organizes and participates at public events conferences, conventions, awards, etc. It fosters community relations through events and through involvement in community initiatives. The Office also connects with embassies and cultural entities in Lebanon to acquaint potential international partners and to find opportunities of cooperation in the sphere of culture. The Office is the link between the University and local government and legislators. It coordinates with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEHE) to obtain licences and advanced information of decisions. The Office of Public Relations and Cultural Affairs offers its support to University-wide organized events. It represents the liaison with key spokespeople and sources, and manages programs during events.
The Office also oversees the management of the Museum.


The Stone Wing Museum, inaugurated on March 9, 2005, includes three collections: The prehistoric stone tools collection (discovered in Kaoukaba by Laure and Frank Skeels in 1964), the minerals, rocks, precious and semi-precious stones collection, and the fossilized fish and plants collection.

The Museum is entrusted to the curator whose duties encompass the preservation and conservation of the collections, archiving and cataloguing of new acquisitions, scheduling and coordinating visits, and keeping records of all visitors.

The Stone Wing Museum charges no entry fees and is open to the public. The curator entrusted is always ready to receive and guide visitors (students from schools and universities, researchers, and interested national and international guests) to enrich them with information about the Museum and its various and valuable collections.


The Office of Communications (OC) is a recent addition to the Office of the VP for Public Affairs and Communication. Its strategic objective is to evaluate, safeguard, maintain, and promote NDU’s image and reputation both internally and externally by ensuring that every established communication - whether for internal or external use (both offline and online) - is aligned with the overall set communication strategy, which reflects NDU’s values and vision. This Office aims to increase visibility and promote the University and its faculty, students, programs, and policies to a variety of internal and external stakeholders. It also provides to all the University entities strategic communication consultation in image and reputation management, media relations services, communication crisis management, media training, and internal communication.

The OC is made up of three units or sub-offices: Internal Communication and Editorial Services Office whose main objective is to deliver a planned framework that provides clear, informative, and engaging two-way communication, Press and Media Relations Office, which aims to build a strong and loyal link between NDU and the different media (radios, TVs, newspapers, magazines, etc.) to highlight all the University’s differentiating elements and Digital Media Office, which is responsible for safeguarding NDU’s digital image and promoting all of NDU’s activities and announcements on the digital platforms that comprise the official website, social media, mobile application, and intranet.


The Design and Brand Guradian Office (ODB) is entrusted with designing materials and visual communication, and working on developing the NDU identity, safeguarding its core image, and building on its promise to deliver value, as reflected in the mission statement. The Office is tasked with all design activities for any type of publication involving NDU. The main purpose of the ODB is to ensure a unified public image of NDU through any publication or product that carries the NDU logo.


NDU Press comprises the following units:
  • Translation Office;
  • Editing Office.

Three major steps have been taken by the NDU Press to revive book-publishing activities on a professional level:
  • All published books, as of October 2000, carry an ISBN number, which ensures recognition for NDU Press in Lebanon, Europe, and the USA as a professional University publishing house;
  • All books are reviewed with a recommendation to the President before a final decision for publication is made. Specialized scholars are consulted to support such recommendations and decisions; and
  • An agreement has been entered with a distribution agency in which all books published by NDU Press are distributed to major bookshops in Lebanon and abroad.


Graduation from NDU is NOT the end of a student’s affiliation with the University. Instead, it is the beginning of a new phase of the relationship with the University. The Alumni Affairs Office (OAA) is responsible for maintaining the links of alumni with the University.

The Office of Alumni Affairs aims to:
  • Serve the needs of Alumni, enduring and permanent constituencies of NDU;
  • Foster a life-long relationship between the University and its Alumni;
  • Build an information management system that updates and utilises “NDU Alumni” data;
  • Coordinate with NDU Alumni Association;
  • Organize professional, cultural, networking and social activities for NDU Alumni;
  • Communicate Alumni views, needs and interests back to the University; and
  • Expand Alumni participation in promoting the strengths of NDU to the world at large through supporting the University’s mission.

The OAA serves as a focal point for all alumni activities and communications. It assists in planning or sponsoring alumni activities, such as Campus Tour, Alumni E-newsletter, Alumni Annual Awards, Alumni programs, Class Reunions, Alumni Day, Alumni College, Alumni Gala Dinners, Regional Visits, etc. The Office also maintains communication with all NDU Alumni through the Alumni webpage via the NDU website, which offers complete and timely information about NDU happenings and Alumni events, stories, and programs.

Core Values: Partnership, Service, Innovation, Excellence

Motto: Building Bonds: Get Connected / Stay Tuned

NDU Alumni Association

The NDU Alumni Association was established in 1992, by a group of graduates who wanted to remain connected to and involved with their alma mater. Its aim is to reunite all NDU graduates under a common goal: Commitment, Unity, and Prosperity (benefiting both NDU and its graduates). Through its cooperation with NDU Alumni Affairs Office, the Association seeks to provide alumni with a lasting bond to the University


The Event Organizing Office is responsible for all events organized by the Office of Public Affairs and Communications, such as exhibitions, fairs, festivals, conferences, fundraising, and social occasions.

The Office keeps the public and NDU internal and external stakeholders informed and updated about all scheduled events. It is also tasked with the preparation and issuance of invitations.

The Office acts as a liaison among people and various relevant departments, and collaborates with them to ensure that everything is well-organized and set for any event. The Office also prepares all items needed, such as posters, flyers, nametags, materials, notebooks, packages, gift bags, registration lists, and seating cards. Furthermore, it is tasked with arranging hotel accomodation for delegates during international conferences and events.

The Event Organizing Office is always ready to assist, collaborate, and share its expertise with any department or office at NDU to ensure that every event is a success.
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