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The Faculty of Natural & Applied Sciences (FNAS), in close partnership with the Faculty of Architecture, Art, & Design (FAAD) and the Faculty of Engineering (FE), and under the patronage of UNESCO Regional Office in Beirut, is organizing a series of interfaculty events to celebrate the International Day on Biological Diversity (IDB) from May 20th till 24th, 2013 and to raise awareness on the importance of the protection of Biological Diversity within the context of the existing close relationship between ecological and social systems. The interactions between both systems form what we term Cultural Landscapes

Awareness on biological diversity and cultural landscapes empowers communities to be part of public participation processes and to better protect the natural and built environments.

NDU, believing in its students, their capacities and their driven state of mind to build a better world, calls for your active participation in the various interfaculty activities on Cultural landscapes which entail poster, photo and design competitions and exhibition, seminars, and much more!